And administer Educational Institutions (with special provision for SC/ST/OBC/minorities like Muslims, Christians, etc. as and when need arises) encompassing pre-primary to post-doctoral and covering all fields such as Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, Medical, Paramedical, Engineering, Vocational training and any other training, or other fields - new or otherwise. Establish institutions for E-Learning, Open Schooling, Skill University (beyond the concept of Finishing Schools) and any new area (or invention or discovery) in accordance with law.

Academies of Excellence called Global Action Centres of Contemplative Studies to nurture Literature, Science & Technology, Management, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Philosophy, Yoga and other Blue Sky areas like AI, IOT, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Interstellar studies, drone and any new or revolutionary technology, etc.; Libraries/Reading Rooms including Digital Literacy and Digital labs, training/coaching/Research Institutes, etc.

Integrated Residential Educational Academies for special children (physically and mentally challenged, deaf, blind, dumb, etc.) rescued bonded child labourers, street children, orphan children, castaway children, especially the ones who make railway stations, bus stations and other government and abandoned premises as their temporary/permanent abodes.

Shelters and homes for the homeless, orphans, abandoned women, sex workers, displaced groups, broken communities, refugees; Vulnerable Tribes like Hikkipikki, LGBT, exploited groups like Joginis/Devadasis and any other weaker sections identified from time to time. Hostels for poor students, working women, single persons, sports persons or any other needy persons or groups as identified as per needs of the time. Special home facilities for senior citizens, old-aged suffering from problems like Alzheimer’s, etc.; symbiotically integrated homes called “Vishwa” where old and young orphans live, love taking care of each other.

Hospitals, health centres, sanatoria, spas, psychiatric care, including all medicinal systems like Allopathic, Homeopathic, Siddha, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki, Naturopathic and Yogic and any other medical stream either ancient, existing or emerging if they are found to be effective.

Subsidiaries rendering consultancy services, surveys, HRD Training and subsidiaries that develop customised programmes – training or otherwise – as per the requests emanate from any product or service oriented organisations.

Banks and Banking Institutions, ‘E’ Commerce sites, Agro based industries, cottage industries, social forestry etc. Cooperative Societies, Publications Division, News Agencies including Newspapers, TV Channels, Radio and other Broadcasting Services, Telecom, IT, IT enabled and IT related services, Airways and Air Training Institutes, Tourism and hospitality services including Space Travel and any other emerging technology that needs institutional arrangements, etc.

Cultural Associations and Social Service and Youth Training Centres to integrate subcultures leading to national and international integration.

Parishats of Arts, Academies of Fine Arts (like Sangeet, Natak, Kala Academy) & Crafts and Culture; Institutes for Sports, and any such Multitasking Centres under the aegis of Global Action Sports, Fine Arts and Cultural Centres.

Inter-Caste Marriage Bureau christened as Gandharva Matrimony.

Establish, administer and create required infrastructure facilities to take care of the above and any other areas within the ambit of law.