Conditions for the original produces like farmers, tribal people to get fair price for their produce so that they will not be exploited.

Awareness amongst the original producers to develop their own markets.

Conducive atmosphere where persons belonging to various cultures, customs, races, religions, castes and creeds intermingle and live harmoniously and intermarry without any threat or use of force against such intermingling or marriages. Conduct festivals of every cultural group with participation from all other members of the area irrespective his/her cultural moorings.

Informal associations where discourses take place that lead to the reformation of religious and cultural dogmas so that all groups live like brothers and sisters.

Informal dispute redressal arrangements so that unnecessary litigation and animosity on such account will be reduced drastically.

Website and provide periodically information about vacancy of various jobs; about various courses; various schemes, programs, workshops etc.; about related websites and links etc. Create and maintain E-Library giving free access (or at a nominal subscription) to wide range of books, journals, magazines etc. Establish library and resource centres.

Compile, collate, edit, print, publish circulate and sell technical and other reports, articles books including E books, etc. related to the objectives of the Society. Global Action may circulate or distribute freely or otherwise journals, periodicals, books, leaflets etc.

Facilitate in participating in workshops and availing technical training conducted by others agencies - whether government or private.

Attempt to create, update and maintain personal profile of every deprived person coming in contact with Global Action so as to give and have direct access to such persons.

Network with other organisations of both private and public sector and NGOs.