Avenues for self-employment and local job opportunities, atmosphere for the development of entrepreneurial skills, IT and IT enabled services, new avenues as the old become obsolete and any other emerging issues that arise as new systems, technologies and ideas unfold.

Self-help Groups, Farmers Clubs, Artists Clubs, Youth Clubs, Entertainment troupes; any teams working on digital usage and development and any new area groups which we are unable to visualise at this moment but be ready to pick up the challenge at the time of their emergence.

Awareness about health/hygiene, environmental protection and water harvesting, wildlife conservation, social forestry, and pollution of various kinds, digital divide, ‘E’ Waste, the dangers of gadget addiction, and awareness about any new threats including alien invasion lurking but we are oblivious of at present.

Campaigns against social Evils such as exploitation of child labour by using them in hazardous industries without proper safety and compensatory measures, awareness programmes against Child Trafficking, and exploitation of children in various ways – known and unknown.

Massive drives against smoking, drinking, substance abuse, drug trafficking and very many other addictive attitudes especially new evils like digital smoking, Internet (Facebook, WhatsApp Telegram, Instagram, etc.) and any other digital or unknown (at present) addictions.

Programmes promoting Communal Harmony, etc. and campaigns discouraging activities of creating disharmony amongst various communities, forceful conversations – religious or otherwise; cultural imperialism – Internal as well as External; jingoism, etc.

And organise Health Camps, Ecological Awareness Camps, Organic Farming, Tree Plantation; non-use, reuse and proper disposal of plastics and other harmful and non-biodegradable products; proper clearing of ‘E’ Waste, etc.

Activities to educate all groups against the evils of overpopulation, women exploitation and suppression, evil practices of female foeticide/infanticide, dowry and child marriage; brutal (dis)honour killings of children by parents on account of inter-caste marriages or any other irrational reasons and dormant but sporadic spearheading of evils like Sati.

Determined and persistent action and activities against inhuman practices like Jogini/Devdasi, superstitious practices like Caste-wise dining arrangements and other evils like rolling on the eaten banana leaves, non-entry of certain sections and women into temples, Black Magic, etc.

And implement as far as possible Humanitarian and rational ideals in general and the ideals and ideology of Lord Buddha and Babasaheb Ambedkar in particular. Disseminate widely the information pertaining to the ideology or any other liberal and progressive ideas and ideology through its website or any other effective methods.