Housing to rural poor, shelters for urban destitute, transit camps for displaced and rescued child labourers, rehabilitation camps for refugees etc.

Technical and other inputs for water conservation water harvesting and rain fed farming.

Catalytic support for the subaltern sections specially SCST so that they make every effort to stand on their own without indefinitely waiting for support – from govt. or otherwise.

Motivational and inspirational tools to the subaltern sections specially SCSTBC to open their own educational, entrepreneurial and other wherewithal that can effectively bolster the efforts of governmental and NGO efforts to elevate them. Provide ideological foundation so that these institutions would be catalysts in creating egalitarian and fraternal society.

And expand conducive atmosphere to various marginalised groups specially SCSTBC to utilise the facilities provided by the govt. like hostels, schools, skill development programmes, employment guarantee and other schemes like housing, etc. which are existing or likely to come in future.

Provide educational counselling for pursuing higher education; for continuation of education; for taking up job oriented educational courses and training like industrial technical training, computer training, certificate courses, diploma courses etc.; for preparing and taking up competitive examinations etc. Provide career counselling for taking up various jobs both in private and government sector; for applying and taking up jobs abroad etc. Provide expert counselling pertaining to health issues, legal issues, matrimonial issues etc.

Support for those who go for inter-caste marriages.