Take Up

Research and development in sophisticated and appropriate technologies, technological and managerial innovations in HRD, Health, Ecology, Non-conventional Sources of Energy like solar power, resource generation, demographic composition, population displacement, cultural invasions and cultural change, migration of people etc.

Research on Disaster Management (knowledge about, readiness to face effectively, prevent manmade disasters, evacuation, rescue, restore, reconstruction and rehabilitation) and activities to enable people especially rural poor to cope with catastrophes like floods/droughts etc.

Programmes to empower people to pool community resources and utilise State and Central Government resources and policies and programmes for the poor and weaker sections. Campaigns for political awareness as ‘eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.’

Entrepreneurial development and Research through Global Action Management and Entrepreneurial Studies & Research.

Various activities that promote, develop and nurture Self-help, Self-respect and Self-knowledge amongst the socially and educationally backward sections of the society specially SCSTBC. Activities to stir the conscience of the so called Upper and Dominant Castes and groups so that they realise their duty to create unified India and grasp the need to propagate and promote and practice the philosophy of Vasudaiva Kutumbam.

Identify the beneficiaries of various social welfare schemes of the Government and facilitate them in availing the benefits of such schemes. Identify the deprived people and categorise them according to their needs.

Disseminate widely the information through its website and various other modes pertaining to the problems and needs of the deprived.